In which reflections abound

The minotaur took the lead as the trio and their horse headed into the woods. He was, after all, an expert on finding amphiptere.

The woods were peaceful today, quiet and still and perfect for reflection. The dragon reflected on many things, like the sound of leaves crunching or the way the minotaur’s hooves click clacked on the dry dirt road.

The king spent his journey reflecting on the joys of his youth, the hunts he went on then, the stunts he participated in. even his training for the throne. He thought of his wife and his daughter, the loves of his life. He wondered just how Azariah and Jezebel were faring, and hoped the would find the joy he and his own wife had experienced during their courting. His heart was content. It was so good to be out adventuring again, with the sun pouring down on him and the smell of loam and leaves filling his senses.

The minotaur too was reflecting on things. But they were not the joys of the past or the hopes of the future. His were darker, more sorrowful, and perhaps with that all the more beautiful for the pain they caused. His thoughts wondered deep into the woods of the past, to a river of tears shed by him upon his loss.

In which reflections abound

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