In which the hunt begins

The dragon made his way out of the castle, breathing in the deep wonderful air of a cool, perfect morning. Life was good and he was happy. It would be an amazing day.

He wandered out to the meeting spot and watched as the king, humming a hunting song of some sort to himself, put the very last of the supplies on the horse that was going along. The dragon did not think much of the horse, but at least he wouldn’t have to be saddled up as the Minotaur had threatened.

“Good morning, your majesty,” he hollered in a singsong voice, eliciting a slight, startled jump from the king. “It is a good morning,” the king said, after a short pause for recovery. “Are you ready my little friend? This is so exciting. Where is that Minotaur?”

The minotaur detached himself from his shadowy hiding place and approached. “Good morning, majesty, dragon. I am ready to leave now if you are. An early start leads to the best hunts.”

“Oh, yes. I’m ready,” replied the dragon. “I’ve never been on a hunt before. Do you think I’ll catch an amphiptere? I hope so. It would be very exciting to bring its skin back for Jezebel, and to say it was my own would make me so happy. Do you think I’ll get one? Oh please say yes.” The dragon rambled on aimlessly, not pausing for a single answer to his questions, as the group disappeared into the woods.

In which the hunt begins

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