In which bonding time is arranged

The king bellowed a warm welcome to the creature as Jezebel ran over to give it a hug. Prince Azariah was, to say the least, confused. “I don’t understand,” he said in his best princely voice, which actually turned out to be shaky and weak.

“Oh, do please forgive our rudeness,” said the king. “This is the Minotaur, who is the sole reason that my daughter is here today.”

“Not true,” huffed the dragon. “I helped too.”

The king gave in. “Agreed. At any rate, Azariah, please say hi to the Minotaur.” Azariah hazarded a hello. “I suppose you are here,” continued the king, “to take up my offer on an amphiptere hunt?”

“Yes,” the minotaur replied, ”I found myself quite bored and remembered your invitation. And it is amphiptere season. Is this a good time?”

“It’s perfect! Jezebel can keep our young friend company, and the rest of us can go hunting!”

“Why can’t I go?” interrupted Jezebel, and was seconded by Azariah.

“It’s just too dangerous,” said the king dismissively. “But I’ll make sure to leave a list of chores and activities you can do together while we’re gone.”

In which bonding time is arranged

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