In which mettle is tested

At the allegation that the dragon had gotten himself tripped over on his own accord, he huffed up and stalked out of the room. Only moments later, he came pelting back in, screeching about monsters and hiding behind Jezebel, clutching at her skirt for protection. “What is it, you silly crea…” began Jezebel, but at that moment, the answer came.

A hulking shape had appeared at the entrance to the throne room. The prince, trying again to prove himself worthy of his royal title, took hold of the dagger he had hidden in his sleeve for just such an occasion. He secured his grip on it and charged, only to trip over his own feet. The dagger flew out of his grasp and landed at the foot of the creature.

Fear fell upon the prince. He could not possibly be princely and regal with his weapon in the control of a monster. What was he to do? His mind began to race with all the ways he could save the king and Jezebel, both probably paralyzed with fright.

This whirlwind of possible ideas was broken by a squeal of joy and the sound of the dragon running past. The monster had finally been recognized.

“Minotaur, you came back!” The dragon could not contain himself as he jumped and pranced about, as happy as could be.

September 28th, 2009

In which mettle is tested

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