In which we leave a sad dragon and princess

“Why, honey,” the king said in his most soothing voice. “They all left last week. They couldn’t wait around for a non-existent princess to suit. Come now, enjoy this feast and tell an old man all about your wonderful transformation.”

Jezebel huffed as she sat in her chair, pouting (albeit it was a pretty pout). “We found a spell. I said it. I’m beautiful, and no one is even here to see its results.” She spent the rest of the meal sulking, and let the dragon and minotaur fill in the missing details of the adventure.

So, the story began, hit its climax, and finally the minotaur finished it up. “On the way back, our lovely princess decided it would be best to take armfuls of lettuce to eat on the way home. By the second day, we were so sick of it that even the thought of lettuce ruined our appetites, so I went hunting amphiptere. We roasted them over a fire each night until we got back, here to your castle.”

The king sighed, content and happy. “What a lovely story! I’d like to hear more details of your hunting expertise. In fact, I enjoy hunting amphiptere myself. Won’t you join me sometime? And now, this old man is ready to retire. Thanks again, Minotaur, Dragon. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” And off to bed he went, shortly followed by the tired adventurers.

In which we leave a sad dragon and princess


  1. Josiah

    Why the embroidered dragon head?

  2. Nathan

    It’s the end of Chapter One. See news post below.

  3. Jason

    Wow, greate story and concept for a site. looking forward to more.

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