In which the princess comes home

As they approached the castle, the dragon began to worry. Sure, Jezebel was beautiful, but what was he? Would the king like him? Would it be okay for him to stay with Jezebel? He had come to really like her and would hate to have to leave because he wasn’t beautiful.

He needn’t have worried, but of course, he didn’t know that. As they approached the castle foyer, the King himself came out and ran to Jezebel. “Is that really you Jezebel? But you have eyebrows! How? Never mind, we can talk later. What strange companions you have!” The King was thrilled, and acting like a little kid in a candy house. Jezebel had to smile. It was nice to see her father so excited to see her.

“Daddy, I’m so glad to be back. I’ll tell you all about my trip, but first I’d like you to meet the minotaur and the dragon. The minotaur rescued me from the evil witch and brought us safely home. I think a dinner in his honor would be appropriate. And this is my loyal, if somewhat crazy, companion, the dragon. We’ve had quite an adventure, but it sure is good to be home!”

“Mr. Minotaur, I’m eternally grateful to you for bringing my daughter safely back to me. Please, join us for a feast in honor of your brave deeds.”

The minotaur agreed, and everyone went in to prepare for the banquet.

In which the princess comes home


  1. Jessica

    Wow, I’m really behind on reading this. Maybe a honeymoon activity for Jay and I?

  2. Nathan

    Yeah, you missed the epic battle scene between the, uh… armies of Tarmog and the Zephrites. 🙁

    On a side note, I have heard that in many circles, Jezebel and the Bipolar Dragon is considered the perfect material for a night of romantic reading.

  3. Josiah

    How is it that everyone recognizes her?

  4. Nathan

    Well, technically only the king recognizes her at this point—probably through some paternal sixth sense or equally sappy method.

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