In which lettuce is amassed

“Are you two ready to go?” asked the minotaur in what he hoped was a polite growl.

Jezebel stopped trying to fit a freshly picked head of lettuce into her dress. “Almost. There’s so much lettuce here that I thought we should take some with us. That way won’t starve on the way home.” She tossed it to him. “Here, take this, and see if you can carry a few more.” The minotaur did as he was told, but managed to give the ring on the girl’s arm his best I-hate-you-very-much look.

The group departed about a half hour later, weighed down with eight heads of lettuce. Jezebel had stuffed one into the collar of her dress, and held one under each arm. The minotaur had been made to put his substantial horns to use, and they held four more to keep his hands free. The dragon rolled the last along with his snout, which gathered a seasoning of fine dirt as it bounced along.

“See?” chortled the dragon as they entered the forest, “I can use my hair to shoo flies away! Not only does it make me the most handsome dragon in the land, but it makes me the most useful too!” With that, he leapt into the air and attempted to swat a passing sparrow with his flowing golden locks. He missed, and his lettuce rolled off into the undergrowth.

In which lettuce is amassed

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