In which an escort is hired

A roar escaped the minotaur’s mouth, “What do you mean, no?”

Jezebel answered, “I mean no, well not really. What I mean is no for right now. The dragon and I are a long way from home, and as soon as I’m beautiful, I want to get back to my family and show them what I have become. There is a lot of distance between here and there, and lots of dangerous animals and evil witches. As soon as you get us safely back home, I will give you your ring back.”

The minotaur wanted desperately to resort to the second of his ponderings involving a rather large and sharp object, but the girl had uttered a command. He had to “get them safely home,” and somehow his plans with a large sharp object didn’t seem to fit well with that command. So instead he growled at the girl. “Fine, you cruel creature. I will get you home, but not tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow. Goodbye.” He turned curtly away and stomped angrily into the woods. 

Jezebel stared at the hulking shadow, and thought how strange he was. Why was he so angry? She couldn’t fathom it. After all, she was going to be beautiful after tonight, and then he would be glad he was with her. He’d see.

She thought no more of it and turned back to the dragon, who was cradling the book gently in his hands. “Are you ready dragon?” And he smiled.

In which an escort is hired

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  1. Lisa

    Poor minotaur. She should have made him pretty as payment for the escort service. (Partially, I just want to see your depiction of a pretty minotaur.)
    Though we will apparently see a pretty Jezebel and dragon, which rather makes up for it. =D

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