In which there is much rejoicing

Triumphantly, Jezebel skipped across the clearing holding high her prize. She was ecstatic. Finally after all the trials and hard work, she would be beautiful. What a reward!

“Dragon, look dragon, here it is. Exactly what we were looking for! Finally, after all this time, we will succeed!” 

The dragon heaved a contented sigh, and then the truth of what she was saying dawned on him. He too began jumping around exuberantly, ready to shout for joy. He would be the envy of all the dragons, he would. They would treat him like a king, and he would bask in their praise night and day! Oh the joy!

The minotaur just stared, a stupefied expression creasing his face. What on earth were they talking about? Didn’t they know that messing with a witch’s spell does not solve any problems. It just makes more. They would see, but he had his own problem still to resolve. How would he get his ring back?

He decided that now would be the time to ask for it, while their happiness was making them stupid. He would ask nonchalantly and they would not even think twice about it. So he walked up to Jezebel, and simply said, “Uh, I’m glad you uh found what you wanted. Uh, I have something I want as well, and well, you, uh, you are wearing it right now. Can I have my ring back please?”

Jezebel stopped jumping and stared at him. “No.”

In which there is much rejoicing

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