In which a minotaur’s dilemma unfolds

Outside, the minotaur could think. He always could think better in the fresh air. And as he sprinted across the clearing with his two captives under his arms, the solution came to him. He knew how to get his nose ring back. If he made a big deal about it or demanded it back, she would know it was important. If he just asked her nicely, perhaps she wouldn’t realize that with it, she could command him to do whatever she wanted him to, and he’d have to fight to not comply.

So, at the other side of the clearing, the minotaur dropped his captives to the ground.

Jezebel said quietly to him, “Thank you Mr. Minotaur for rescuing us, but I seem to have left something in the cabin. If you’d excuse me, I’d like to go back and get it.”

“Go back in there? Why would anyone want to do that?” said the Minotaur.

“Because we never got what we came for, and I know it is in there. So, move aside so I can go. I’ll be right back, so don’t leave.”

The minotaur had to oblige. As his legs forced him to move aside, he wondered how much the girl knew about what she was holding. Had she intended to command him, or was it just sheer luck? Either way, he was stuck here until he could get the ring back.

In which a minotaur’s dilemma unfolds

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  1. J Sherer

    The minotaur is pretty indecent with the lack of shirt…

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