In which intentions are clarified

The door shut with the loudest, dullest clank the dragon had ever heard. He had known it was a bad idea to come down here, and here was the proof. They were stuck, and he was certain the air would eventually run out or they would starve to death. He flopped to the floor, and let out a keening wail that filled the chamber with echoes of despair and hurt and doom.

“Oh shut up, pathetic thing,” a muffled voice said from the other side of the door. “You are going to die, and whining and wailing won’t change it.”

“Answer me this, how did you know to come looking for me for that spell? And don’t bother lying to me. I’ll get the truth out of you in the end. Make it easy on both of us and just answer.”

Jezebel was angry, probably angrier than she had ever been. “What do you mean, you cruel incompetent, paranoid old hag? We came to you for help and you threw us into this horrid windowless room! You are evil!”

“You will tell me. I will break you!” screamed the witch.

“We will never tell you anything you unintelligent, misguided, idio-”

There was a loud crash followed by a piercing shriek and a curse that Jezebel couldn’t quite understand. Then there was silence.

In which intentions are clarified


  1. Josiah

    How does one make a loud, dull clank?

  2. Nathan

    Answer #1: Since “loud” describes the volume of the sound, “dull” describes the quality, and “clank” the type, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Answer #2: By slamming a certain door in the witch’s basement.

  3. J Sherer

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA. That’s a hilarious answer. This is a cool illustration.

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