In which a spell is not obtained

“It’s just a bit further, dearies. Come now, we don’t want to keep your future waiting,” the witch said as she hurried them along.

They wandered after the witch, down the stairs, and into the dark underbelly the cottage. The passage they were in led further down, always down, always deeper, and ended abruptly at a large, wooden door. Here the witch stopped, and bringing out a big key, began to unlock the door. “My spell is very special,” said the witch. “I must keep it safely guarded or the whole place would be overrun with humans.” At her last words, the door creaked open, and revealed its secrets within.

The room they stepped into was chilly, and there was a sense of impending doom about it. The dragon fearfully whispered, “I do not like this, not one bit.”

“There is nothing to fear, my friends,” said the witch as she fumbled with a bunch of papers she had found on the one shelf in the otherwise empty room. 

“Oh, it seems I have forgotten one little thing,” said the witch as she headed back towards the door.

“What’s that?” they asked in unison.

“This spell is not for sale.” The witch finished with a flourish and then flounced out the door, slamming it shut behind her.

In which a spell is not obtained

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