In which downstairs must be braved

The witch smiled, and Jezebel should have been comforted. But the room suddenly seemed much colder. “I think I have just the thing,” smiled the witch with her cheery, evil smile. “Why don’t you just follow me downstairs, where I keep it. It shouldn’t take too long, mind you. Now come along.”

The dragon did not like this plan. “Downstairs? Is it dark down there? Are there spiders? I hate spiders. Why can’t you just bring it up here?”

“I guess I could,” responded the witch, “But it won’t be nearly as effective as it would be downstairs. I’m not even sure it would work up here. You do want to be beautiful, don’t you? You wouldn’t want to settle for just nice looking, now would you? What a waste of a spell that would be. Come along now, it’s just this way.”

“You can’t back down now, silly dragon. This is our chance. Come on,” urged Jezebel.

The dragon sighed and gave in, although he had determined to not like the plan and definitely not like the downstairs of such a perturbing cottage.

In which downstairs must be braved

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  1. Lisa

    I’d be worried if there’s a witch who has potions that are only effective if you take them downstairs. Seems a bit unnatural.

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