In which there is a witch

“Well, I guess that will work,” replied Jezebel. She wasn’t going to say it, but she was rather disappointed that the dragon had found the way and her method of getting lost had not. But she would take control of this expedition again. She wasn’t about to be bested by a beast, even if that beast was as nice as the slightly insane dragon she was walking with.

They followed the sign’s directions, and easily found the witch’s cabin, but it was disconcerting to stand so close to such a magical place, and they found themselves a little unwilling to approach.

There was a startling sound behind them, a sort of snuffling, shuffling, terrifying sound. That was enough. They both bolted straight toward the cabin and through the door.

“Well, hello my preciouses,” a somewhat cheery if not underlyingly evil voice said. “How can I help you?”

The dragon shrank from the voice and hid behind Jezebel. Jezebel, seeing her chance to take control of the situation (finally), stepped a little closer and whispered, “I heard that you might have a spell to make us beautiful.”

In which there is a witch

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