In which things get ominous

Jezebel and the dragon wandered generally northward for what felt like weeks. Food was scarce for a while, but eventually they began finding stunted lettuce plants clinging precariously to life in the undergrowth. They ate them and solved that problem.

The pair always camped without a bonfire, but not from fear of detection. The dragon, it turned out, had lied about being able to breathe fire, and Jezebel definitely couldn’t. So since they didn’t have any of the other standard fire-making tools (flint, tinder, or wand), they had to do without it.

This predicament was fine with the hulking shadow that watched as they set up camp every night. During the day, it had to stay far behind them, but in the darkness it could get close and spend its time observing and thinking.

On this night, the creature’s thoughts focused on two main topics: What goal did these strange travelers have in mind, and what was the best way to dispatch them if what it thought they were planning was actually what they were planning.

It didn’t spend much time on the second topic, however, since that one was pretty easy to figure out and would probably involve a large and very sharp object.

In which things get ominous

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