In which a witch hunt begins

With their personal appearances mostly taken care of, Jezebel and the dragon headed off into the woods. In all the stories Jezebel had ever heard, if children got lost in the woods they were sure to encounter a witch, and that was her plan. The dragon, on the other hand, knew that there were witches in the forest and was sure he had even came across one in his wanderings.

He was, at the moment, in the lead, and determined to remember where he had seen that cottage. And he was annoyed. Jezebel kept intentionally wandering off the path, chasing butterflies and gathering flowers. It was like she didn’t even care about finding the witch.

After her third side trip to chase a squirrel, the dragon had had enough. He stopped, dead center in the path and right next to a rather odd haystack, and yelled “What do you think you’re doing? I know we are near the witch’s cottage and you keep wandering away. Don’t you want to be pretty?”

Jezebel stopped, mouth agape. “You know where a witch’s cottage is?”

The dragon replied, “Not exactly, but I know I saw one around here somewhere. We’ll never find it if you get stuck on getting lost.”

“Witches are like lettuce,” said the haystack.

In which a witch hunt begins


  1. J Sherer

    This sounds like it may have been one of the few Nathan Scheck entries in the series…am I right?

  2. Nathan

    Well, only sort of, actually. I wrote the last sentence.

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