In which deformity is revealed

Jezebel’s anger had subsided somewhat. She knew that something as pathetic as that overgrown lizard deserved a little compassion. So she walked over to it and squatted down next to it. “What’s wrong?” Jezebel asked softly.

“Life is so unfair,” the dragon sniffled. “All I wanted was to fit in, to be pretty like the rest of the dragons. I finally was, and you came along and broke my prettiness.”

“Oh, poor thing. I am sorry. I know what it feels like to be ugly,” responded Jezebel. “I feel ugly too.”

“But why?” asked the dragon. “You came down the stream all dressed up in your shiny clothes. They were very pretty. I wish I had clothes like you.”

“Clothes aren’t everything,” said Jezebel. “Have you looked at me, actually looked at me?“

“I don’t see anything wrong,” snuffed the dragon.

“I don’t have EYEBROWS you silly thing! Oh how ugly I am.”

“Hmmph. That’s not so bad. I don’t have eyebrows either. You shine and sparkle and glow, and all I do is look like mud.”

“You don’t think I’m ugly?” asked Jezebel with surprise.

In which deformity is revealed


  1. Josiah

    I was thinking this is the first time we see her face, so where’s the facial deformity? One seldom expects eyebrows to be drawn on people, anyway, so I didn’t notice it.

  2. Nathan

    Well, I’m sorry that you don’t find the lack of eyebrows to be of much importance, but you should really be more sensitive toward other people’s body-image issues.

    P.S. There have, in fact, been four distinct instances of eyebrows in this story and its supporting documentation so far.

  3. Josiah

    Yes, I saw them.

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