In which a gargoyle snaps

Jezebel’s tears fell the twenty feet to the river below, making small splashes and concentric rings as they hit. Life was so unfair. So was, for that matter, death. Jezebel reasoned that since everyone has to die some time, it shouldn’t be so hard to hurry it up. Jezebel had lots of time to reason, seeing as how she was still trapped by the gargoyle and had been for the last several hours.

She had seen the search team leave about two hours ago. They returned an hour later. That didn’t make her feel any more loved. In fact, it just made her more desperate for that final sleep to take her.

But no, the gods had other plans. She was stuck, just like before, and she cried out her sorrow to the river below. To make matters worse, it seemed the crow had decided to build a nest in her dress, and all she could do was watch as the creature brought more twigs and leaves and began weaving them into the shredded fabric. Back and forth and back and forth, the crow kept flying off and returning with more materials for its nest. Jezebel was shocked at just how many twigs could be fit into it. That was of course, before she was shocked by the splintering of stone and the twenty-foot plummet down to the river. The nest’s weight had been too much for the gargoyle, and it had gladly given up its load, girl and nest and all, to the torrents below.

September 29th, 2008

In which a gargoyle snaps

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