In which a suicide fails

Her plan had seemed flawless. Jezebel was sure the answer to her pain and suffering lay in the oblivion of the river below. She was sure the peace of death would be much better than the horror on the face of the opposite sex. The only problem was that the river still flowed down below her, and she was stuck.

She hadn’t taken into account the extra mass her elaborate dress provided. Her top half had gone through quite easily, but then the fold upon fold of the skirts of her gown had decided to resist the fall, and grabbed the edge of the window. It was a cruel dress, Jezebel decided, and she started to shred whatever she could reach. A crow decided this was a good idea, and jumped on her back, stripping away at the folds of the skirt. It had originally planned to carry the cloth back to its nest, but Jezebel didn’t like that plan. As the crow would fly by, she’d strike out, and it would dejectedly watch the strip fall to the river below. Then it would go back for more.

This went on for a while. Jezebel was in tears, striking out every time that horrid crow tried to fly by, screaming about how unfair life was. The crow continued to grab strips of the cloth and try to fly away. It was just about to give up hope and find a way to retrieve the strips from the river when there was a piercing exultation from Jezebel as she lurched forward out the window, soon to find death. Then there was a another shriek as Jezebel realized her oblivion was forestalled again, this time by a gargoyle with its stone arms stretched out in defiance.

September 22nd, 2008

In which a suicide fails

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  1. Josiah

    Gargoyles are always doing that.

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