Once Upon a Time…

Welcome, weary internet traveler. Come take off your coat, shake the dust and spam from your feet, and sit down by the fire. No, not in the fire—over here. Good.

Come join us as we delve into the storied past of a two unlikely companions thrown together by fate and plot-convenience, and watch as they grow and mature through many adventures. Will a small dragon finally find the one thing that can make him truly happy? Will a princess overcome her abysmally low self-esteem, and grasp the courage that was insider her all along? Will they discover a peculiar stone with the words Do Not Eat inscribed on the bottom? Only time will tell…

Anyway, Rosemary and I hope you enjoy this twice-weekly amalgamation of webcomic and children’s picture book. Make sure to check back on Thursday to meet our second protagonist. (Or, technically, you could meet the second protagonist early by visiting the cast page.)


  1. Josiah

    Um…it’s {ouch!} a bit {ow!} hard to read a book when {youch!} one’s legs are {ouch!} getting scorched {Aaah!}. What did {ooch!} you say about sitting in the {gah!} fire?

  2. Rosemary

    We had assumed that any one reading this would have common sense enough to know that fires are not a good thing to sit in. We’ll have to revise our thinking with this new revelation.

  3. Josiah

    Can I sue you for not having a warning on the front page saying, “People without common sense would be well advised to stay out of the fire.”?

  4. Lisa

    But… the fire is so warm and crackly… after trudging through spam all day, third-degree burns are just what a body needs!

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