In which camp is pitched

The afternoon had been almost as nice as the morning, and the king was pleased with their progress. They had made it deep into the woods, and soon, perhaps even tomorrow, they would be in the best amphiptere hunting grounds in the entire forest.

As it was, they had traveled enough for the day and it was time to find a place to camp for the evening. This was becoming more apparent with each step, as the dragon’s whines and moans had increased in pitch, volume, and length consistently for the last hour. “I’m so tired. My feet hurt. Why haven’t we found any amphiptere yet?” And on and on he complained.

So, when the trio came across a quiet clearing next to a babbling brook, the king called a halt. “That’s enough for one day. This appears to be a perfect place to set up camp.”

His declaration was met with hearty agreement from his two comrades, and in his excitement that the day was drawing to a close, the dragon even volunteered to gather firewood and start the fire. The king still found the creature odd, and sighed once again at his mood swings.

The minotaur went straight to the brook to collect water for stew that night, and then began to cut up meat and vegetables, humming to himself a strange little song about a beautiful naiad. The king himself, enjoying the song, happily went about setting up their tents.

Monday - December 21st, 2009

In which camp is pitched


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On Death

As the Philosopher once said, “Death is a tasty cookie.”

It has been argued by some that he meant the transition to what could be described as unlife was a pleasant one, while others believe he simply enjoyed killing people. What I think he was actually getting at, however, is that death is an audience attractor. Just like offering free cookies at some not-so-enticing place of business, such as a laundromat or prison.

Anyway, this practice of advertising through mortality rates is somewhat annoying. For example, how often have you heard that you need to “Tune in to the Season Finale!” because they promise the death of a main character? Is that the only useful marketing tool they can think of now? Why not something less morbid, like “Watch next week as Susan contacts a long-lost friend!” Or even “Don’t miss the next episode, where Herbert discovers a herd of cows… in his attic!” These family-friendly plot twists are much better solutions to the basic problem of audience retention, don’t you agree?

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Jezebel may fall to her death in the next couple of pages. Don’t miss an episode!

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